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Rainbow Disc Sensory Bag

Give kids a fun way to sort colors while getting a sensory play session in with this easy to make rainbow disc sensory bag.

My kids love sensory play. From bins to bags, and even  bottles anyway you present sensory play you can count us in!

With the kids being out of school for so long I have been really busy coming up with activities to engage them, challenge them, and keep them entertained. We made this easy rainbow disc sensory bag to practice our color sorting and pattern making skills. It is perfect for adding some color to the day.

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Hand Sanitizer or Hair Gel

Rainbow Counting Chips

Zipper Seal Bag



Draw a rainbow on a zipper seal sandwich bag with Sharpies.

Drop transparent colored counting chips (or bingo markers) in the colors of the rainbow into the bag.

Seal well. If your child has ‘rough hands’ you might want to reinforce the sides with tape to prevent the sides from busting. (This is a good idea for toddlers, but can be skipped for older kids!)

Invite your child to glide the discs thru the gel and place them on the color they match.

When finished, check the seal to be sure it is closed and store for another day when a quiet activity is needed.

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