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Easy Rain Clouds in a jar science experiment for kids. #handsonscience #kidsscience #rainscience

Rain Clouds in a Jar

This easy rain clouds in a jar science experiment gives kids a colorful chance to explore how rain clouds function. It comes together with only a few supplies, which you likely have on hand at home.

Since the kids have already missed 8 weeks of school this spring for CoVid-19, I have been looking for ways to keep them learning and entertained. This easy rain clouds in a jar experiment has been one of our favorites.

You only need 2 supplies and the results are really impressive!


A clear glass jar

Shaving cream foam


Food coloring


Fill a glass within inches of the top with tap water.

Add a little shaving foam to the top. Don’t add too much, just a squirt or two will do!

Use as many colors as you like; dropping food color on the shaving cream.

As the shaving cream foam cloud fills up, the food coloring will release, much like rain falling from the clouds.

This is such a visually appealing way to learn about weather, and how the food coloring collects in the foam cloud, then as the ‘cloud’ fills and becomes heavy, it releases the liquid like drops of rain.

My kids really loved this easy science experiment. It made for a fun hands on way to learn about weather at home.

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