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Play Doh Counting Activity

Early math lessons take a sweet spin with this fun play doh counting activity.

Play Doh is my favorite hands on tool for learning and fun! There are so many things you can do with a can of play doh, including a fun counting lesson!

This play doh lollipop math lesson has been great for keeping my youngest learning while giving her a dose of pretend play.

Both of my kids have always loved basic activities. The less frills and direction required, the better for them. They are imaginative little creatures! This play doh math activity is no different.

I think you are going to appreciate the simplicity of this activity, despite the lack of frills, it is super entertaining to little ones!


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Several colors of play doh

Craft Sticks

Dice or wooden numbers.


Invite your child to form several lollipop shaes with play doh and insert the sticks into the lollipops.

Next have your child select a wooden number, or roll a dice.

Recite the number is selected or rolled from the dice.

Instruct your child to form teeny tiny little balls of play doh and press them into the lollipops. Since my daughter picked number 6, she formed 6 little balls for each lollipop.

This play doh counting activity was a lot of fun for my daughter. She loved the hands on fun of the play doh. I loved that we made math fun and she got to work her fine motor skills in the process.

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