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Play Doh Cactus Craft

Looking for something to do with play doh? This faux play doh cactus is easy and makes for a cute item to display!

Play doh is my favorite tool for combining play and learning. There are so many ways you can mix it up for hands on fun. I made this easy play doh cactus with my kids as a boredom buster. The results were impressive!

You will only need a few items to make these. They are perfect for those times when the kids say What can we do Mom?


Green play doh

A toothpick

Several rocks

A small terracotta pot

Directions for Play Doh Cactus:

Form a cactus shape from green play doh, which is a pretty broad range I know. Think about the last cactus you saw and shape it by hand. As you can see I made a bulb-ish shape.

Use a few rocks and press them into the bottom of the shape to anchor your cactus.

Make sure your shape will fit into the bottom of the small pot. I squeezed the bottom just a bit to fit.

With a toothpick,poke as many little holes in the faux cactus as you like. I made holes all over this one.

Allow to naturally dry and display.

Our faux cactus held up for about 6 weeks or so before it started to look super dry. At that time we tossed it.

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