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Creepy Eye Sorting Bag

If you are looking for a way to keep a little learner engaged this creepy eye sorting bag is the way to go! It combines sensory and color sorting for hands on fun!

Creepy Eye color sorting bag for easy kids entertainment and hands on learning.

Both of my kids have played with this super easy to set up sorting bag. I have been making them for years for a hands on way to learn and play. I love that these come together with super simple supplies and you can have one ready to play with in minutes.

This is especially good for Halloween! The eyes are perfect for an appropriate amount of creepiness for little kids. However, no matter what the season, this is an activity that kids will want to keep an eye on!

If you can’t find the googly craft eyes but like the idea, mix it up with beads, buttons or even Lego’s!


Colorful googly craft eyes

Permanent markers in colors that match the eyes you plan to use

Clear hair gel

A zipper seal food storage bag

Optional: Duck Tape

Directions for Creepy Eye Color Sorting Bag:

Draw a circle for each color of eyes you will use, so if you have purple, blue, yellow and green eyes, use those colors of markers.

Add 2 squirts of hair gel.

Add a handful of craft eyes.

Seal the bag. If your child has ‘rough’ hands you might want to add duct tape to the edges to reinforce.

Encourage your child to slide the eyes into the appropriate circle to match up the colors.

When playtime is over you can safely store this bag away for another day.

Ours lasted for about 6 weeks with proper storage.

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