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Button Sorting Sensory Bag

Keep little ones learning, sorting and having fun with this button sorting sensory bag. It combines color recognition, fine motor and manipulation skills with a dose of sensory play to create a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

Button sorting sensory bag for manipulation and fine motor skills for toddlers.

“What can we do today?”

My oldest asks me this every morning. I feel for him, this business of being at home most of the time gets old fast. We all miss getting in the suv and heading out to an attraction, event, or store just for the fun of it. So, I have been finding ways to give him little fun projects. This one, he and I came up with for a little friend across the street. We knew she was missing her preschool friends and wanted to give her a boredom buster with educational benefits.

We had all of the supplies at home so set up for the button sorting sensory bag was a breeze.

Button Sorting Sensory Bag Supplies:

Large zipper seal bag

Clear hair gel

Assorted buttons

Permanent markers in assorted colors

Draw circles on the exterior of the zipper seal bag in the colors of the buttons you will use. We had yellow, green, pink, purple and blue buttons. I used markers in those colors.

Add several squirts of clear hair gel to the bag.

Add a handful of buttons.

Seal the bag.

Invite your child to sort the buttons by color.

Store this bag for a future play session if the bag is properly sealed.

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